Friday, August 31, 2007

The Perfect Remedy

It interested me to note that there are quite a few controversies that have come to light in the last few weeks and months ... all of which have had very dramatic consequences. From the media frenzy surrounding the likes of Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan to the hypocrisy (and I use that word, lightly) of the extreme rights, the likes of Senators and well known Preachers. But more interesting to me is this line of demarcation between those who liberally assert there Independence from any Judea Christian beliefs and those who follow what they believe is a moral path. This line cuts the culture in half. The one side optimistic in its pursuit of happyness. While the other, struggles to brave the storm.

For example, there seems to be so little compassion for the performer. The "hot chick", world renown, multi-platinum selling artist with endorsements up the wazoo has very little support while going through opposing times. She is portrayed as a trashy nitwit, and whether or not her own actions contributed to this newly acquired image, isn't really the point. I ask what happened to the glamour, the buzz ... all those who "Loved her" and wanted to be just like her.? What happened? What changed? Was it her humanity? Her inability to no longer perform? Make the world escape through her songs and her sexed up image that made every insecure little girl, boy and woman feel just a little bit sexy too? I wonder.

And then there are those who are vehement in the pursuit of happyness. A happy, morally correct world. Suddenly, the good ole boys are caught up in ridiculous scandals from homosexual affairs to drug binges. Most of whom fell from grace, admitting that they too were victims of molest, perversion, inner demons ... and all manner of wickedness! And so, the swords were drawn, the fires set a blaze ... The world (all those who hated them anyway) shouted "Burn them at the stake, thou Hypo-crits! For they told us that we were wrong for our lawlessness, but today they have been found guilty!"

But, I am not so convinced. I don't want to burn anybody at the stake, "Lest I get burned."To me it's more hypocritical to expect perfection out of anyone. And to me that is the divide. Not between Jews and Gentiles. Christians and Non-Believers. But between those who have compassion and those who do not. Its an issue of love I think. My favorite book makes a very basic point, if you'll consider it, "Judge or you'll be judged." The moment you say, "hypocrite!" You, yourself become that self loving hypocrite. Admiring your own opinions while damning everyone who opposes your own. Putting yourself on a pedestal, ordaining yourself judge of humanity, as if you've never willed to do something that you lacked the strength to follow through. Perhaps it was taking a break from the Twinkies-and-diet-coke diet, so you could loose the weight you know is keeping you from being able to play football with your son, or having the discipline to finally finish that quilt you've been working on for 7 years. Perhaps it's a bit more weighty than a 10lb weight loss (no pun intended). Maybe it's quitting the fags (cigarettes) so you can breathe better or leaving the binge drinking behind and moving out (mentally) from the good "ole days", or being a committed wife or husband ....and so on.

If I were a blithering alcoholic would it be wrong for me to say to kids, "Don't be an alcoholic?" Or should I reserve the saying until I'm perfectly put together. I'm just asking.

Final words, Love more, think less. I'm striving too.

Have a great weekend!

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