About The Lady's Rage

The Lady’s Rage blog is the beginning point of an incredible movement. Its purpose is to deliver the word of God in an organic and creative fashion through technically advanced streams of media and literature. The Lady's Rage endeavors to aid in the individual discovery of personal relationship with the living God so that, we as one body of people, may make effective change in a dying and hurting world through the spirit of grace.

The lady was born for a reason. Her life is with purpose and though the rage torment, the Lord will raise her up out of the dust of the earth… she will awake. She will arise. She will shine out of darkness. She will live again.

This movement began before us. It was something that God, the Father, purposed for us to do; and He burdened us with its task. Please help us in this mission to advance the kingdom of God through your commitment to be the best that you can be through faith in Jesus Christ; and by exercising love, grace and hope in your everyday lives. If by virtue of the Holy Spirit in you, even one person, comes to the knowledge of God’s grace and love; know that you have done your service to the kingdom of God. It matters to God that even one person knows His righteous love and grace. Stretch wide your heart because God is enlarging your capacity to believe Him in this very moment.

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