Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Knowledge of Things

Why do you hate?
Why do you blame men for your folly?
Why do you boast of things too wonderful for you?
Behave as a man.
Conduct yourselves as wives and mothers of children.
Do not trample the hope that was laid down for you.

If you are just, will not justice prevail?
If you judge, will you not also be judged with the same measure of fear?
If you love, will you not overflow with the measure of kindness you have filled others with?
Is it your belief in nothing that leaves you so empty?
Do well and seek your Father’s face.
In the morning His light will shine on you.
Do you think men are evil?
So are you.
Do you think men are good?
So are you.

There are but two things in this life.
Little things and big things.
The little things are the big things.
And the big things are the little things.
And both are worth finding out.
Our journey here on this earth is but for a mere moment in time
Do not say what tomorrow holds…
For tomorrow holds no promise
Today very well may be your last
Behave in such a way that if today your souls is called upon
That nothing is left behind.

Love when it is painful.
Give when you have the least.
And in the end you will have gained more than you gave.
Reach for the truth like a blind man in darkness
Take hold of it, though darkness surrounds you.
Take hold of it and do not let it go.

Why blame men for your folly?
When, even, your good intentions turn out bad.
Why blame the innocent for what you did not believe?
Why judge the creature for doing what he was born to do?
Why do you boast of things to wonderful for you?
You do not have answers for the questions you ask
And your speculations are full of lies.
Why do you behave like an illegitimate child when your Father is the king?
Why do you frolic in the mire and look for living things in the grave?
You will find nothing in the heap you dug…but death.

When you wake from your terrible slumber,
Who will you find besides you there?
“Nothing,” says the grave.
“Nothing” lays there.
“Nothing” says the soul crying from the deep.
“Nothing” lays there.
“Nothing” says the hope, cast away in the dirt.
“Nothing” lays there.
“Nothing and nowhere,” cries the soul separated from the truth.

Nothing boast of things too wonderful for it.
Nothing hears your lament for help.
Nothing shows no mercy.
Nothing is too wonderful for you.
Yet, something
In the quiet of your soul
Begins to stir at the utterance of that Name,
The One, who holds the key and the words of life,
Beckons to you…
Come all of you, who know absolutely nothing.
Come and I will show you mercy and
Things too wonderful for you.
Come and live again.

Monday, September 10, 2012

We Are Transformers

“And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.” 2 Corinthians 3:18

Some months ago, I felt compelled of the spirit of God to begin writing on the subject matter of transformation. I had heard the Lord whisper the word “Transformer” to my spirit. I immediately, thought of the blockbuster movies and the 80’s cartoon that those movies were inspired by. So, I Googled some images with the hope of finding a visual for what I sensed in my spirit; that we, the body of Christ, are Transformers. Sadly, I couldn’t find one. I looked for a definition of transformer and I found this:

1. One that transforms. 2. A device used to transfer electric energy from one circuit to another, especially a pair of multiply wound, inductively coupled wire coils that effect such a transfer with a change in voltage, current, phase, or other electric characteristic

With this definition in mind, I immediately knew where God was taking me. He said, “My people are transformers. I am the energy source. My people are the transformers.” He said, “And yes like the cartoon heroes that transformed from one function to another and one form to another; so it is with my people.” He said to me, “your perfection brings glory to you. But your transformation brings glory to me.” The Lord reminded me of a previous conversation that I had with him in prayer. I said, “Lord, I wish that I had walked these 17 years flawlessly. I wish I had always believed and never lost hope.” And He reminded me in that moment, that His strength is revealed in my weakness. He said, “When you were young in faith. You were self righteous. You believed you were righteous because you saw yourself as “good.” You had a checklist of things that you did not do. You felt that because of your ability to refrain from those things that you were right with me. You thought because you didn’t do this and didn’t do that, that you were good in my sight. You boasted in your own image; but you did not boast of my ability. You did not make yourself vulnerable. However, in the secret places of your heart, Natrietia, you held onto insecurities, rage and jealousies. You were alienated from me because of your fears.” He continued, “It wasn’t until you became vulnerable, that the power of my word transformed you. And that is where my strength is perfected.”

This kind of vulnerability and resulting transformation was best exemplified in the life of Jesus Christ. There was a glory that appeared in Jesus when he was resurrected. His resurrected body was different from the body that hung on the cross and the body wrapped with the ceremonial burial clothing. With this image of Christ before me, I heard the Father say, “You are the body of Christ. There is a glory that I am ready to release. But that transformation is happening when my people return to me with vulnerability. When they no longer resist the cross; but carry it through the pain, through the resistance, through the embarrassment and simply say, ‘Not my will, but your will be done.’ When they cry out, ‘Father, forgive them.’ When my children call me, Father. When they have relationship with me. When they talk with me. When they worship me in spirit and in truth. He said, “Call out to the people.” Write it and send it.

I heard him, this morning. I awoke with these words and they are true. “If you do not believe in something, you will die for nothing. Belief is a necessity of life. You wore born to believe.”

The Lord says, “I am willing. I am ready. I have accomplished victories for you. Will you believe? Will you trust me? Will you place no other above me?"

I don’t know if these words mean anything to anyone, but they mean a lot to me. I have personally been in a frustrated place. On the one hand, extraordinarily blessed, assured of God’s love, His ability and the gift of family. On the other hand, I have been confused by my literal circumstance and environment. I have been perplexed and wondered, why a specific area in my life, that is so very small, and doesn’t seem to fit with everything else that is so “right” in my life has overwhelmed me so much. The challenge really becomes whether or not I will trust the Lord in the midst of this death (of will, desire) so that I am transformed into something greater than my temporary want and or need. I mean, literally, whatever I fear in this life is only necessary for this life. And when we view things in this light, we see them for what they really are. Temporary. I am not living for this life. I’m not living to make my life here permanent. I’m living my life here temporarily, a mere visit on the planet Earth. It can be enjoyable, but my joy will not be dictated by things that are temporary because I believe in someone greater, who is Everlasting.

The Lord said to me “I see an army of men, women, old and young, spread wide and across lines…these men stand tall. These women stand tall. These children stand tall. This army transforms. They reach the heights of the enemy’s high walls. They leap over its gates. Their feet crush temples, strongholds and systems. The enemy’s darts are like toothpicks in their skin. Their skin is like armor. This army stands tall. Their feet are able to stand on the heights. This army of men, women, young and old is greater than the sea is wide.”

Confrontation is necessary for a life of victory; and because most of us spend our lives compromising we live lives of defeat. The Lord said, “You cannot begin to write about Transformation without laying a foundation of faith.” Your faith in the Word of God is the first confrontation that you will engage in and without it you will suffer endless defeats.

I want to gladly boast in the victories that I have won. The many accomplishments of the spirit and all the right decisions I have made. But they all would be empty without the knowledge of the source of my strength. If I had conquered in my own ability, what glory would it bring the Father? But through suffering, through the pain, the loss, the tears, the rage… The Lord transformed me. He made a saint out of a sinner. He made a prophet out of a liar. He made a wife out of a prostitute. He made a mother out of a barren woman. There is nothing impossible for God. Even my losses have been gains because I gained the knowledge of the Greatness. I gained the knowledge of His love and strength in the midst of my own weakness. The Lord has carried me and loved me and been the backbone of my life. Never before have I been so weak…yet, never before have I witnessed such strength.

This is a reminder to me and to all those who will be vulnerable before the Lord, that we were born to believe. Whatever this life has handed you, is but a temporary affliction, but the eternal things if God, faith, love, joy, peace, strength cannot be taken away. We are a fearless nation. We are transformers!