Friday, August 24, 2007

Start to Finish

Okay, so its been like almost 2 years since I last wrote something. Quite a bit has changed since December 2005! And I have been tremendously blessed by all the goodness. My husband and I welcomed our third child into the world in March 2007. So, we've been busy ... But since returning to work from maternity leave, I've been on a mission of sorts to discover a more in depth look inside myself. I am challenging myself to be a better wife and mother. A better listener. A better friend. A better servant. I think that so often we get caught up in our ambitions that we loose the purpose of life. Life is to be enjoyed. And the fulfillment that comes out of life isn't in possessions but in the relationships that we build while we are here. Whoever heard of someone asking for their millions on their death bed? I suppose this secenario exists somewhere in the universe but the reality of our human nature is this almost desparate plea, an innate need to have healthy interactions with PEOPLE.

So here I am, world. I've been working on this book/novel/play/creative work for almost 7 years and I have found myself at odds. It's like I have a picture of what I want and I can almost literally mouth the words BUT in my feeble attempts at actually writing this thing, I've stumbled every time. Somehow, I think this process has made me stronger and wiser. My good will is to somehow incorporate these "conversations" into the dialogue that I would like to create between myself and the reader. It's really easy for me to express myself in letters and so I look at these blogs as a sort of billet doux.

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