Monday, August 27, 2007

Have Me

Have me at hello
Take me from below
Show me the way to go
And I will follow

Make me the apple of your eye
In the center of your garden
A light that you can see
An object of humanity
Predetermined by destiny

Lift me far above
So that my wings can fly
Give me sight beyond
And hope that does not waiver

Have me at your beck and call
My soul will only thank you
Keep me in the know
Of what matters the most
So that I do not falter

Lead me to everlasting
Do not wave me good bye
I am here to stay
And stay will I

Have me at hello
Teach me
And I will grow
Like a flower rising above the earth
In the sun's radiant glow

In a moment
I reason, I will stand in your presence
But will this be my end
Or my beginning
Until death has had its taste
I will not remember what is in front of me

Have me at hello
And leave me craving
All of the goodness
Of your calling
Keep me wondering
Where you are
And I how may please you

The apple of your eye
You or I must go
And so I am departed
For the season has come
To mature me
And I waken to a new being
The sorrow has gone

Have me at hello
Take from below
Save me and I will go
Make me and it will show

The reason that you came
and I knew you.

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