Friday, August 24, 2007

Word of the Day: Assail

Assail \uh-SAIL\ verb meaning to attack violently with blows or words.
"I was marked with discomfort when the hostile woman assailed her child at the public library."

Did I mention that I'm at work, right now? TGIF. I've been trying to exercise my brain, not to mention my physical body. FYI, I just had a baby. But, I've been re-introducing and sometimes introducing myself to a word a day. Since, I'm a very "hands on" kind of gal, I thought that writing a sentence a day, would serve me better than just reading the word and going about my merry ways.
Hmm, I love reality television. I've been glued to BB8 aka Big Brother 8 this summer. There were an interesting set of events that happened over the last week. Of course, we just knew that Dustin was going home, the flamboyant man who had volunteered himself for "eviction" in the same arrogant fashion that his predecessor Marcellas had done. But to his utter surprise, his own alliance used him as a guinea. He like Marcellas became the first housemate to be sequestered until the finale. Interesting ...
Anyway, prior to all of this there was this moment in the house when Jameka and Amber, the self-proclaimed good guys were being verbally attacked by Evil Dick aka EV for their Christian beliefs. Now, you might think poor little Christ lovers. But I saw the whole ordeal as tragic. On the "good guys" part, it looked like they were judging EV. Even resorting to calling his "Mama a B***!" You'd expect such loud mouth, undisciplined speech from gentiles but my goodness no, not from a believer. So, it was disappointing to see. It was in the heat of Jameka's tongue lashing that she assailed EV's mama and I realized that it didn't matter how much EV besmirched her character and taunted her, she should have walked away. What's more, she should have at the very least apologized to the man. As it is said, "Pride comes before a fall."

I am determined not to assail anyone, rather I choose to exhort those around me, even if it hurts me to do it.

very sincerely,

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