Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Rain Dance

My husband took our children to the park a weekend or two ago. It was so HOT! Like 112 degrees HOT. Anyway, he told my son, "Hey, son its hot outside. Are you sure that you want to go the park?" (OMG this sounds like one those viral Anyway, as the story goes, my son replied, "Dad its not hot outside. It's cool."

Scripture says, "We must be like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven." What is the kingdom of heaven? Jesus said, "it's neither here nor there." Its not a place that you can point to but a state of mind. For a child climate makes little difference, if there is fun to be had, they have it. If there is life to live they live it. They don't see obstacles, they see that great big jungle gym of fun.

I said to the Lord, "The other night, I just want to be a little girl again." And I meant it. I just want to be so simple minded that the cares of this life get brushed off of my shoulders. When I see rain I want to be like a child and dance around in it.

I decided today, that life is too short to seat around complaining. So what if I made a mistake. so what if I had a bad day yesterday! I am going to have a good day to today. My husband said something to me & our son, that was very poignant. He said, "When you change, the world around you will change."

Are you ready to change? Me too. Let's dance!!!

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