Friday, October 21, 2011

The Psalm of Natrietia

The awesomeness of God I cannot measure, it overflows all around me It would take me a million lifetimes to count back all of the ways He has been good to me His greatness has been poured out over me… His mercy has endured my weakness And his love has buried my darkness His love is strength to my bones His power fills my soul and my eyes well with his compassion His grace over me is like a cloud full of rain To God be glory, honor and praise He has made my life a canvas for display He writes His will on the sleeve of my heart And paints His victories on my face His light shines on me and I am saved from all my fears His beauty is more grand than the finest gold, the purest diamond cannot compare to His majesty His peace is like the wind at my back, He breathes on me and my life is renewed each day He strokes my face with the whispers of His love He touches me in the hidden place of my heart The weight of His goodness is immeasurable He gave me life He humbled me He awakens me to hear His voice calling in the morning He quiets my soul so that I can hear His promises… all of them true. He is my Lord, my God and my King To Him belongs, honor and strength He is my portion, my bread and my wine. He is peace within my soul, His love is at the gate and He surrounds me With favor as with a shield Surely, He has been good to me, I cannot count all of His blessings… He loves me and He has given me his life to live for all eternity. Eternally He … He loves me Eternally me … I love Him Eternally Love Eternally God I see.

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