Sunday, July 05, 2009


I’ve been in dark places. I have seen no light and been afraid. I’ve had suicidal thoughts.
I have done things that I wish I hadn’t. I have felt crazy and on the verge of mental breakdown. I have hated life and dreaded death. I have been victimized and betrayed.
I have been both hardened and weakened. I have felt the pains of life without hope and the failure of justice.

And to this I owe no praise…
Governments and systems are failing
Betraying the ones who believe in them…
Intellect and doctrine,
Only illuminate so far
And then the writings on the wall slowly fade
Mirroring the images of man…
Evolving from one stage to the next
Created in the image of God…
Man lived without condemnation and failure….
Perfection was his key, life his door …
He gathered nothing but ate until he was full.
No need existed until he fell…
Eating that which was knowledge, the fruit of good and evil
Left naked and without covering
He imagined a blanket that would hide his soul…
Man forever living behind a veil,
The dead are living
And the living are dead…
Like vampires, we erect
When darkness covers the earth
And light impedes its glory,
Idols begin to fall...
And giants walk on water…
They saunter, then slip …
Wonder fills them all…
As the cry out to God,
“We don’t need another Hero. Heroes die young. Save us! Save us from ourselves.”

They taste His goodness,
His love never fails,
He has built the unimagined
His great good fills the earth
And makes it a place inhabitable again
They all look and behold, the Savior has come.

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