Friday, December 28, 2007

Growing With The Flow ...

I like the notion of growing with the flow opposed to going with the flow. Going with the flow has somewhat of a negative connotation, while its popular, it seems to be indicative of lazy faith. "I'll just see what happens." "Whatever happens, happens." There is no real expectation of anything and that's where me and "going with the flow" don't see eye to eye. Growing with the flow demands a little more initiative and foresight.

In my previous post I mentioned the Cheers theme song that chimed "You want to be where everyone knows your name." That mentality, though it sounds so nostalgic & warm bittersweet. It falls in the same category of thinking as "misery loves company." While most of us prefer to be in situations that are comfortable to us, rarely does couch sitting, bar hopping & binge eating facilitate growth. Perfectly rounded situations never stretch us to our full potential and we are always left wanting. I think that the greater question should be, why am I so desperate to appeal to a sense of wanting or needing approval & acceptance. This is where growth happened to me. I am no longer seeking to appeal to any one's unnecessary opinions of me but rather I am growing up into the completeness and complexity of Natrietia ...

I'm not exactly perfect ...but I am perfectly me.

I like that! :)

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